2022 Recognition Awards

2022 Pioneer and Builder Awards presentation at Government House.

Front row- (L)Scott Benton, Frances Vyse, Derek Thompson and Derek also representing Guujaaw, and Terry Lee for Tom Lee
Back row- (L) Paddy Stewart, Jerymy Brownridge, LG. Principal Secretary, Her Honour Janet Austin, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, Johnny Mikes, Phil Dearden, Vladimir Krajina accepting for his Dad 
We wish to thank Peter Demchuk for the carving of the individual awards. Peter lives on the Saanich Peninsula and has been doing folk art carvings, wood sculptures and bowls from ‘found wood’ for 20 years.

On June 14, at the Government House, the Elders Council and our patron, the Honourable Janet Austin, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, recognized another nine British Columbians for their dedication to conservation in the Province.

Vladimir Krajina was recognized in the Pioneer category for his work on establishing the Province’s ecological reserve system and Scott Benton, Phil Dearden, Tom Lee. Johnny Mikes. Paddy Stewart, Derek Thompson, Frances Vyse, and Guujaaw were recognized for their dedicated efforts towards making protected areas real and relevant in the Province.

Their profiles are currently being worked on and will be available for viewing on our website very soon.  Please check back in.

To view photographs of the event please view here.


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