Park Builders

Builders Criteria

You will have been recognized as a Park Elder who has had a life-long commitment to the establishment of parks and protected areas throughout BC.

You have been key to helping build out the B.C. park system – whether regional, provincial or national.

Have a connection or worked for previously honoured Pioneers.


Understood the value of setting parks aside for nature and human enjoyment – and delivered.

Has been defined as a “True parky!”.

Bob Williams profile
Bob Williams
Charlie Velay 9 x 13
Charlie Velay
David Stirling 11 x 14
David Stirling
Ed Mankelow 9 x 13
Ed Mankelow
freeman King 11 x 14
Freeman (Skipper) King
Hal Eidsvik
Ian Leman 11 x 14
Ian Leman
Jake Masselink 9 -13
Jake Masselink
John MacFarlane 9 x 13
John Macfarlane
Ken Farquharson 9 x 13
Ken Farquharson
Kerry Joy
Milt Goddard 11 x14 email
Milt Goddard
Ric Careless 9 x 13
Ric Careless
Pages from profiles-booklet09 small
Richard Hankin
rubydunstan 9 x 13
Ruby Dunstan