Past Events


Recap of some great outings in 2023

Nature in the Art of Emily Carr with Patricia Mason in September
Wetland at Yew Lake with David Cook in September
Wetland at Yew Lake with David Cook in September.
Wetland at Yew Lake with David Cook in September
Squamish Estuary Restoration with Edith Tobe in August
Squamish Estuary Restoration with Edith Tobe in August
Forest Ecology and Bear Walk at Flower Lake Loop Mt. Seymour Provincial Park with Tom Saare in July
Wildflowers at Yew Lake with Quentin Brown in June
Birdsong at Yew Lake with Quentin Brown in June
History of Mt. Seymour Cabin Walk with Alex Douglas in July
Poetry & Jazz at Heritage Centre with Trevor Carolan in July

Susie Chant, MLA gave a Gaming Grant for the Elders program. 

Vancouver Second Mile Group“The Vancouver Second Mile Society took public transit all the way from the heart of Vancouver to the Heritage Centre to enjoy a Forest Ecology Walk in nature with biologist David Cook.”

Biologist David Cook at Old Growth Conservancy

Old Growth Conservancy Walk                           

MLA Susie Chant attended both morning and afternoon walks to commemorate Mountain Cabin Culture with Aaron Butcher – Mt. Seymour History Project, including a walk to the late George Rennie’s restored cabin and a reading of his wife’s nature poetry.
Gail Ross, veteran Interpreter and hard working director of ECP and Friends of Cypress Provincial Park led seniors from NS Neighbourhood House on a peaceful and inspiring walk around Yew Lake Trail in Cypress Provincial Park.

FOREST BATHING at Flower Lake with Heather Fowler Forest bathing or “Shinrin Yoku” is the Japanese philosophy and science proving the healing qualities of the forest and it’s abilities to help us find peace and rejuvenation in nature.  While enjoying a peaceful and therapeutic self-discovery of our senses, we found so many mushrooms.  Then we sipped delicious and invigorating Ranger “Jade Fir” tea tea at the picnic table’

Bear Day with the North Shore Black Bear Society presents “The Adventures of Cheetwoot the Bear.” Children learn the importance of keeping bears away from neighbourhoods.  © (1998) Wolf warns Cheetwoot to stay away from human but bears can smell from a long way away!
Whales on the Wharf Art Jam on Bowen Island organized by indigenous storyteller Simon James (Raven Tales) and Puppeteer Jay Peachy. Families joined the Herring School parade and learned from Pat the Park Ranger puppet about the efforts of the Marine Life Sanctuaries Society to protect the Glass Sponge Reefs just off Halkett Bay Provincial Park in Howe Sound. Creative Director Simon James will be offering this event again next year on July 9, 2022

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