Park Pioneers

Pioneer Criteria

Devoted and dedicated advocates for protecting nature.

Were the first. There is a link to the original pioneers who established this province.

Mentored ‘the builders’.

Worked with integrity.

Were inspirational.

Led the understanding of and value in setting places aside for nature and human enjoyment.

Lifelong commitment to the establishment of parks and protected areas in BC – whether national, provincial or regional.

Are representative and symbolic of the belief in and the need to fight for the protection of nature.

Bert Brink
Bert Brink
Bob Ahrens 9 x 13
Bob Ahrens
Bristol Foster 9 x 13
Bristol Foster
Bert Brink 11 x 14
Dennis Podmore
Gordon McNabb acrobat
Gordon Mcnab
Ian Mctaggart-Cowan 11  x 14
Ian Mctaggart
John Woodworth
John Woodworth
Lloyd Brooks 11 x14
Lloyd Brooks
Tony Roberts 9 x 13
Tony Roberts
Yorke Edwards front  11 x 14
Yorke Edwards